Liquid Formulations

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Product NameFormStrengthAvaliability
CarbimazoleOral Solution20mg/5mlDecember 2023
DiclofenacOral Solution50mg per mlMarch 2023
Ibuprofen LysinateOral Solution200mg/10mlMarch 2023
LisinoprilOral Solution5mg/5mlApril 2023
MelatoninOral Solution1mg/1mlOctober 2023
MetforminOral Solution500mg/5ml February 2023
Natural cough syrup
Oral Solution MDV2 200mlJanuary 2023
SennaOral Solution
SertralineOral Solution25mg/5ml, 50mg/5ml, 100mg/5mlSeptember 2023

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We offer a range of products including active pharmaceutical ingredients, generic pharmaceutical product dossiers, personal protective equipment, virus testing kits and infectious disease medication finished products.

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