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Pharmaceutical Products

We offer a range of products including active pharmaceutical ingredients, generic pharmaceutical product dossiers, personal protective equipment, virus testing kits and infectious disease medication finished products.


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Pharmaceutical Service Solutions

Service Solutions are services that compliment your product tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Many of our clients initially seeking just one product have over time grown their business alongside IPG’s service solution offerings.

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With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, explore our resource center and download relevant educational material including fact sheets, and real examples of client stories.
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About Our Company

We create pharmaceutical business solutions and manage the manufacturing process of pharmaceutical products through to final product release into European Markets. We have all of the appropriate qualifications and certificates for import and sales of pharmaceutical products in Europe. We are MHRA approved, and hold GDP certification and we are approved to import both API’s and Finished Drugs from outside Europe, and this is only a snapshot…

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Why choose IPG?

We aim to be a renowned leader in product sourcing, and in managing highly complex global supply chains.

We have a 20-year history in the pharmaceutical industry and have built strong relationships on a global scale developing a deep network of connections. With our vast expertise we can assist you in the growth of your business and the search for successful pharmaceutical solutions.

If you would like to know more about our experience and solution philosophy, we have a range of insightful client stories available for you to read and download.


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Milestone History

IPG Founded
IPG was founded by David Kenneth Bilton in 1999 to source APIs.
Started trading finished dose and China operations established
First MA in UK market (Enalapril).
MIA and WDA licenses granted
Tech Transfers
China tech transfers started
End to End
First Full Service Client
First NHS Tender won for 3 molecules
Global Reach
New Zealand Office Opened.
Supply Chain
Complex supply chain first project
1 st supply TB & PPE products to Africa
New Business Launch
Launched men’s telehealth program
PPE Launch
Progressed with PPE into global market place
Business Expansion
Business expansion and scheduled launch into cosmeceuticals

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