A Note About The Current COVID-19 Pandemic: Returning to Work

Across the world, the last few months have brought unprecedented levels of uncertainty, fear and loss to our doorsteps. This ‘once in a century pandemic’ has brought the global economy to a standstill. Industries and businesses have been decimated in numbers we have never seen. Society has been forever changed. We have been forever changed.

Now as we look to ease lock-down restrictions and gradually begin reopening our economies, the risk of second and third waves is placing heightened risk and responsibility on all of us collectively. Governments have been working to develop reopening plans that keep their citizens safe while getting the economy operating again. Employers have a responsibility to reopen safely and keep their workers protected. Ordinary citizens are being asked to think of the safety of others by wearing face masks in public and continuing to socially distance. Our new normal now means wearing personal protective equipment when we leave home, it means retrofitting public spaces with barriers and new safety measures, and it means mandating new behavioural norms for how we conduct ourselves in public spaces.

As a global healthcare company, we have done our best to support our clients and communities during this time by pivoting our core business activities toward sourcing much needed personal protective equipment. This has challenged both our business and our employees, but we have emerged stronger with a renewed focus on keeping each other safe and healthy. If you are looking to source personal protective equipment, click here to view our product range.