Surgical Non-Woven Face Masks

CE Marked Non-Woven Face Masks

COVID-19 infection rates are expected to experience exponential growth across the globe over the next few weeks and months. Unprecedented global demand for face masks and other protective equipment fuelled by this pandemic has created shortages for those who need them most. Despite issues across the supply chain, IPG has secured supply of Surgical Non-Woven Face Masks. Due to short supply we have a MOQ of 50,000 lots on a B2B basis only.
At the moment, lead times are variable until orders are placed. With the current global situation, these masks are in high demand and the factory is processing on first come basis. We are working on lead times between 10 and 30 days and will provide updates as they become available once you have placed an order.
Note: We are working to offer online ordering options soon. This will be direct from stock in quantities of 1,000 lots. Subject to availability.


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