Solar Power Supply System

Solar Power Supply System.

In addition to supplying infectious disease products into developing countries, ICE Pharma Group is working with our partners to solve other challenges experienced in these markets – one of those being the difficulties of stable energy in rural areas. This is detrimental to the health of people in these communities and as such we have partnered with a developer of innovative portable solar solutions that are environmentally and economically friendly and that will contribute and improve the quality of life in rural areas.


  • USB output: this is a 5VDC output used to power the Olympus CX23 microscope it can also be used charge phones tablets and such.
  • 12VDC outputs: these can be used for the supplied led light or to power a Zeiss Primostar I-Led A (Olympus CX21-CX22 microscopes with optional Led conversion set).
  • Other 12v equipment can also be powered below 30 watts.
  • This system is microprocessor controlled and has auto protection features which eliminates the use of fuses.
  • The only item in the system which will experience wear is the battery which may be replaced if needed


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