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API’s that are Currently Available & Under Development
Product NameDMFUsed forStatus
6-MercaptopurineUS, EU, JPleukemia and autoimmune diseasesAvailable
Ado-Trastuzumab EmtansineBreast Cancer of her2 positiveUnder Development
AlfacalcidolTW, EU, CN, SA & INFor bone metabolismAvailable
AlprazolamUS, EU, JPAnxietyAvailable
ApixabanAnticoagulantUnder Development
ApremilastPsoriasis & Psoriatic ArthritisUnder Development
Balsalazide Disodium DihydrateTW, US, IN & KRchronic inflammatory bowel diseaseAvailable
BaricitinibDMF filedRheumatoid ArthritisUnder Development
Bazedoxifene Acetate 20mgTWBone DiseaseAvailable
BenserazideParkinson's diseaseUnder Development
BenzonatateTW, US, CN, IN & MXCough SuppressantAvailable
Buspirone HCIUS & EUAnxietyAvailable
CabazitaxelUSProstate CancerAvailable
Cabozantinib S-MalateDMF avaliable early 2019Medullary Thyroid Cancer. Metastatic renal cell carcinomaUnder Development
CalcifediolCalcium RegulatorUnder Development
CalcitriolTW, US, CA, CEP, IN, KR, PK, BR & MXHyperparathyroidismAvailable
Calcitriol AnhydrousTW, US, CN, CEP, IN, CA & BYhyperparathyroidismAvailable
Calcitriol MonohydrateTW, US, CEP, AL, IN, TR, SA, BY & DZtreatment of plaque psoriasisAvailable
Calcium Acetate USP 169mgTW & USEnd stage renal diseaseAvailable
Calcium Folinate (Leucovorin)Q4/18Antidote to Methotrexate therapyAvailable
Calcium OxytetracyclineAcneAvailable
CanaglifozinAntidiabeticUnder Development
CapsaicinTW, US, EU, IN & TRDiabetic nerve pain, muscle and joint painAvailable
CarbidopaUS & EUParkinson'sAvailable
Cinacalcet HydrochlorideUSKidney disease for those who are on dialysisAvailable
Colesevelam Hydrochloride 375mgUS, IN, TW, CN & TRLowers CholesterolAvailable
Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate PelletsAnticoagulantStroke Prevention and Vein ThrombosisUnder Development
DaptomycinUSBlood & Skin infectionsAvailable
Diltizaem HCIUS & EUAnal fissureAvailable
Docetaxel TrihydrateUSBreast, ovarian, and non-small cell lung cancerAvailable
DoxercalciferolTW & USSecondary hyperparathyroidism in patients with chronic kidney diseaseAvailable
EldecalcitolOsteroporosisUnder Development
Eletriptan HydrobromideUSMigrainesAvailable
EntacaponeUS & EUParkinson'sAvailable
Entecavir MonohydrateUSHepatitis BAvailable
FamotidineUSStomach UlcersAvailable
Ferric CarboxymaltoseIron DeficiencyUnder Development
Ferric CitrateAnithyperphosphatemicUnder Development
Ferric Pyrophosphate CitrateAnemiaUnder Development
Fluoxetine HCIUS & EUDepression, panic, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive symptomsAvailable
Flupentixol 2HCLTW, CN & IN SchizophreniaAvailable
FlutamideUS & EUProstate Cancer & Radiation treatmentsAvailable
Fluticasone PropionateInflammationsAvailable
Fondaparinux Sodium 0.5mlUS, IN, TW, CN & TRBlood clotsAvailable
Formoterol FumarateEU & JPAsthma or Lung DiseaseAvailable
GadobutrolMRI Enchaning agentUnder Development
GimeracilTW, JP & KRGastric CancerAvailable
GlipizideUSReduce high sugar levels in the blood systemAvailable
Hydroxychloroquine SulfateUS & EUMalariaAvailable
Imatinib MesylateTWImmune system disordersAvailable
Irinotecan HCIUS, EU, JPColorectal cancerAvailable
IxabepiloneUSBreast cancerAvailable
Lapatinib DitosylateUSBreast cancer (HER2)Available
LeflunomideTW, US, CA, CEP, & VNArthritisAvailable
Leucovorin CalciumDMF & CEP filedDetoxifying agent for AntineoplasticsUnder Development
LevonorgestrelTW, US, ZA, KZ, JP, CEP & UAContraceptionAvailable
LinagliptinAntidiabetic Improve blood sugar controlUnder Development
LinezolidTW, US, CA, EU, JP, AU & BRBacterial infection like pneumoniaAvailable
Llevoleucovorin CalciumDMF & CEP filedDetoxifying agent for AntineoplasticUnder Development
MaxacalcitolJPSecondary hyperparathyroidism of hemodialysis (HD) patients as an injection and psoriasis as an ointmentAvailable
Meclofenamate SodiumUSJoint, muscular pain, arthritis and dysmenorrheaAvailable
Melitracen HCLTW, CN, IN, EU, JP, RU, SA & TRAntidepressantAvailable
MeloxicamUSPain management for inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritisAvailable
MethotrexateUS, EU, JPVarious CancersAvailable
Methotrexate disodiumUS & EUMultiple sclerosisAvailable
Mifepristone 200mgTW & USExpulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterusAvailable
MiltefosineAnti-parasitic agentsUnder Development
Minocycline HydochlorideInfections & AcneAvailable
Montelukast SodiumTW, US, CN, CEP, IN, AU, SG, EU, ZA, UG & UAPrevent the wheezing and shortness of breath caused by asthma & breathing problemAvailable
Mycophenolate MofetilTW, US, IN & RUPost-Organ TransplantAvailable
NadololUS, EU, JPHypertension & AnginaAvailable
NilotinibLeukaemiaUnder Development
Nilotinib Hydrichloride MonohydrateAntineoplasticUnder Development
Nintedanib EsylateDMF submitted 2017Non-small lung cancer & idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisUnder Development
NitedanibQ4/18idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) & Lung DiseaseAvailable
Nitrofurantoin MacrocrystalsUrinary tract infections (UTI)Available
Nitrofurantoin MonohydrateUrinary tract infections (acute cystitis)Available
Nitrofurantoin monohydrate & macrocrystalDMF Filed 2018Urinary antibacterialsUnder Development
Obeticholic AcidPrimary biliary cholangitisUnder Development
OmeprazoleUSGastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It reduces stomach acidAvailable
OrlistatTW, US, EU & BRWeight LossAvailable
OteracilTW, JP & KRAntineoplasticAvailable
Paclitaxel (Extraction)USOvarian carcinoma & ovarian cancerAvailable
Paclitaxel (Semi-synthesis)USAntiproliferative agent for the prevention of restenosis of coronary & peripheral stentsAvailable
ParicalcitolTW, US, CN, EU, IN. KR, IL & TRBone strengthener & Treatment for Kidney DiseaseAvailable
Patriromer Sorbitex CalciumHyperkalemiaUnder Development
Pazaopanib Hydrochloride 200MGTW & USRenal cell carcinoma (Kidney cancer)Available
Propafenone HCIUS & EUIrregular heartbeatAvailable
Quetiapine FumarateUS & EUSchizophrenia & depression.Available
Salmeterol XinafoateEUAsthma & chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAvailable
Sancycline Base & HydrochlorideSemi-synthetic tetracycline antibioticAvailable
SaxagliptinAntidiabeticUnder Development
Sevelamer Carbonate 500mgUS, EU, CA, TW, CN, IN, TR & ARDiabetesAvailable
Sevelamer Hydrochloride 800mgTW, US, CA & INReduce the risk of acidosisAvailable
Sitagliptin PhosphateAntidiabeticUnder Development
Sodium CromoglycateUS, EU, JPIrritated eyesAvailable
Sugammadex SodiumReversal of NMBUnder Development
TaltirelinJPAnti-Spinocerebellar Degeneration AgentAvailable
Tamsulosin HCIUS & JPBenign prostatic hyperplasia - BPHAvailable
Tedizolid PhosphateAntibacterial for actue bacterial skin & skin structureUnder Development
TegafurTW & JPColorectal cancersAvailable
TemozolomideTW, US, CA, EU, RU, KR, SG, AU, CN, JP & BRBrain tumorAvailable
Tenofovir (disoproxil fumarate)USHIV & HBVAvailable
Teriflunomide 14mgUSRelapsing forms of multiple sclerosisAvailable
Tetracycline Base & HydrochlorideAntibacterialAvailable
TicagrelorAnticoagulantUnder Development
TolnaftateUS & EUSkin InfectionsAvailable
Toremifene CitrateUS, Eu, JPBreast CancerAvailable
Trazodone HCIUS & EUMajor depressive disorder (MDD)Available
VemurafenibDMF Filed 2018Metastatic MelanomaUnder Development
VenetoclaxChronic Lyymphocytic leukemiaUnder Development
VildagliptinAntidiabeticUnder Development
Zoledronic AcidUSBone DiseaseAvailable

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